v1.82 now includes SDI_CHOCO

22/08/2016 10:07

SDI_CHOCO is my name for the added scripts which will run Snappy Driver Installer, Chocolatey and WSUS offline updater when installing Windows 7/8.1/10.

A new \_ISO\WINDOWS\INSTALLS folder has been added for this feature.

This means that you can just copy any Windows 7/8/10 Install ISO onto the E2B USB drive and then pick one of the *_SDI_CHOCO.XML files and it will automatically install all missing drivers + your desired applications + Windows updates (Win 8.1/10 only).

You can create new SDI_CHOCO configurations that can be set up to install bespoke drivers for specific computers and your own applications/utilities.

For more info see the SDI_CHOCO page here.


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