25/07/2014 19:04
  • I found a bug where the force.xxx feature when calling qrun.g4b no longer works. See  https://easy2boot.com/make-an-easy2boot-usb-drive/using-e2b-with-a-zalman-ve200/ for details of this feature which allows you to override the file extension.
  • Some systems seems to be very slow when E2B enumerates files on the Flash drive before the Main Menu is displayed. There is now a Performance Measurement test in the Utilities menu. On a USB 3.0 hard disk system, 1000 loops should take just a few seconds, on a USB 2.0 cheap, slow flash drive it can take 40 seconds. A FAT32 formatted drive is twice as fast as the same drive formatted as NTFS!
  • The Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd file has been tweaked to check for Admin rights and use the %ProgramFiles% variable instead of looking at C:\ProgramFiles(x86).
  • New .imgPTNAUTO file extension - same as .imgPTN but does not prompt the user before switching to the CSM menu. 
  • New variable in MyE2B.cfg so you can autorun all .imgPTNxxx files without needing to change the file extension.
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