E2B v1.A9 now has new features!

20/02/2019 09:41
  • New feature: can use extension override xxxxxx_.(override).iso in filename - e.g. hirens_.isowinvh.iso - override must start with _. and works for any extension. The extra _.fileext.xxx text is removed from the menu entry.
  • New feature: xxxxx_.WinNTSetup.iso now causes any Windows install ISO (except XP) to run WinNTSetup automatically and supports dual x86+x64 ISOs - you can also use your own batch file to automate WinNTSetup by using the STARTUP variable in a .mnu file (blog here).
  • New feature: filename sort override prefix can be used (e.g. _000_Ubuntu 64-bit.iso is sorted as if it begins with 000_ but is listed in the menu as Ubuntu 64-bit without the override characters). Can be combined with a _. extension override - e.g. _$$$000_Ubuntu x64_.isodef64.iso.
  • New feature: batch files added to \_ISO folder _Make_Ext.bat, _Snappy Driver Installer.bat, _Sysinfo.bat, _Download URLs - Shortcut.lnk

Read more: https://easy2boot.com/download/e2b-version-history/ 

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