E2B MPI Beta 01 Update Pack available (to limited users)

13/04/2014 00:23

The MPI_UpdatePack_BETA file is now available on the Alternate link in the Downloads page.

This can be added to E2B v1.31 or 1.32TEST versions so that your E2B drive can boot any number of UEFI images. See blog for details. Instructions are already on the easy2boot.com site.

In fact, the only change to E2B is just one file (which will be in the release version of 1.32). The rest of the pack is a Windows MakePartImage.cmd script + utilities which are used to make the .imgPTN files. Sorry, linux users, but no equivalent script for you!

As this is an early BETA, it is really only for people experienced in bootloaders and Windows batch file scripts, etc. Do not use it on any E2B USB drive that contains important files that you can't afford to lose (though it should always be easily recoverable). 

Please contact me for the unzip password.


Two major benefits of v1.32 and using the new .imgPTN file extension are:

  • UEFI booting of linux and Windows (+ others like KonBoot, etc.) even from an NTFS E2B USB drive
  • No USB Flash Helper drive required to install Windows from an NTFS USB E2B hard disk



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