Adding YUMI, XBOOT, etc. as images

18/04/2014 15:36

Today I tested making and adding other multiboot USB Flash drive images to my E2B USB Hard Disk.

I have now made new images of different USB Flash pens that were made using the following programs, and added them to my E2B drive:

  • YUMI
  • PenDriveLinux Universal USB Installer
  • XBOOT (make using Syslinux and use the 'Replace menu.lst' option when asked)
  • WinSetupFromUSB (use the 'Combine menu.lst' option when asked)
  • LiveUSBCreator (with persistence)
  • Rufus

These images all seem to work OK using the latest 0.016 MPI version though I haven't tested them all thoroughly but at least one payload seems to boot on each one! So if you already have a working USB Flash drive made using one of these utilities, try adding them to E2B.

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