The E2B menu system uses grub4dos:
  • grub4dos should not be confused with grub or grub2 even though these all display the grub> prompt as the command line interpreter prompt.
  • grub4dos uses the BIOS to access hardware (although it does have it's own USB 2.0 driver if you install it).
  • grub and grub2 are 'linux-like' and load their own drivers.
  • grub4dos cannot be booted from UEFI - grub2 can both MBR and UEFI-boot.
  • grub4dos is actively maintained and improved.
  • grub4dos has commands such as dd and partnew and can write to storage devices
  • The \grldr file contains the bulk of the grub4dos code. Just change this file to change the version of grub4dos.
  • E2B will use a tested and validated version of grub4dos (\grldr file). Do NOT use a different version.
  • grub4dos 0.4.5c is an older version. grub4dos 0.4.6a is the new and continuously improved version.
  • Complete YouTube video course on RMPrepUSB, grub4dos and USB booting

grub4dos command prompt (intro)

In the E2B menu, type SHIFT+P and enter the password ('easy2boot') when prompted.
Now type SHIFT+C to open the grub4dos command prompt.
Now you can type some commands such as:
help chainloader
map --status
ls (hd1,0)/
To return to the E2B menu from the grub4dos command shell, press ESC.


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