Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 13/04/2018

By Rick Vansloneker

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: correct sized uncompressed wallpaper not accepted

That did the trick! Once set MYWBMP=/_ISO/Sample_MyBackground.jpg was in the config I simply changed it with the filename of my preferred background and finally it showed up.

I tested it on a system with disconnected drives, and got a rather penetrating magenta message immediately after booting about missing drives. I ticked no error messages but that didn't remove it.

And can I get rid of the spinning E2B logo? It looks nineties and cheap, and is in the wrong place covering my background. E2B deserves a better logo imho.

So far I loaded a couple of Linux ISO's in E2B and it actually works to boot them. This is the very 1st multi USB boot I ever got to work properly, well done to you!