Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 08/03/2018

By dexter

Subject RMPrepUSB: mke2fs command failed

Here Win8.1pro 64bit, E2B usb drive (Easy2Boot v1.97A) and RMPrepUSB v2.1.741 portable ("run as administrator").
I'm trying to make a persistence drweb iso (btw, there isn't any DrWeb900_Persistent.mnu persistence file in Sample mnu Files folder).
Iso file: drweb-livedisk-900-cd.isopersist
In RMPrepUSB v2.1.741, click on "Create "Ext2/3/4 FS":
1- "Create Ext filesystem" window ("i:" is my e2b usb drive):
Create a file of 1000MB on volume i:
fsutil.exe file createnew "i:\drweb-livedisk-900-cd-rw" 1000000000
Click on "OK".
2- "Convert to Ext filesystem" window:
Convert file \drweb-livedisk-900-cd-rw to an ext3 filesystem of 1000MB on volume i:
mke2fs.exe -F -L casper-rw -t ext3 "i:\drweb-livedisk-900-cd-rw"
Click on "OK" but then it throws a RMPrepUSB error:
"ERROR: mke2fs command failed (see mke2fs.log for details)"
By the way, I didn't find any mke2fs.log file.