Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 06/03/2018

By Starla

Subject Re: Possible bug in latest VBox 5.2.8 triggered by E2B menu.lst

From MS debugging tools for Windows documentation:

I can generate a BSOD minidump + VBox logs as requested, but I have a suggestion instead: maybe you could create a small "BSOD trigger demo" menu.lst file for VBox devs to easily reproduce it, something that stops just before any of the trigger commands and waits for a keypress to execute. I guess they could install grub4dos to the VDI in a test VM + \grldr + \menu.lst. You can better guide them here: setup a shared folder with grub4dos installer + grldr + menu.lst, then boot VM i.e. to WinPE using a Win install iso, press SHIFT+F10 for cmd, and install and copy files to VDI root. Finally boot the VDI.

Hope the above makes sense.