Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 05/03/2018

By dexter

Subject Parted Magic's save session: doesn't work

Hi to all.
My e2b usb drive (made it with Easy2Boot v1.97A), 16GB.
The following files in "_ISO\MAINMENU\MNU\":
- pmagic_2018_01_08.mnu (properly edited from "Parted_Magic_2016_Live_Persistent.mnu").
- pmagic_2018_01_08.iso
- pmagic_2018_01_08.txt
File "pmagic_2018_01_08.SQFS" in \pmagic\pmodules\
It boots and loads, all fine.
After some working/settings inside parted magic, double clicking on "Quit" icon (on parted magic desktop), then click on "Save Session", then selected option is "Save: User settings from /root and /etc are...", click on "Ok" and here the error message:
"Save Session Notice - Unable to continue. Please verify that the Parted Magic USB is connected"
(but my usb e2b drive is connected).
Many thanks.