Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/02/2018

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Strange list

You are using GFX=NONE but you have not changed the menu size parameters.
The defaults menu parameters for a 800x600 screen and are:
set noitems=24
set tophelp=26
set HBTM=3502

But if you use text mode GFX=NONE, then you have 640x400 pixels which has 80 chars by 25 lines. So the default values need to be changed.
# if GFX=NONE then may be in 640x400 = 80 x 25 lines (sometimes 80 x 30 with some BIOSes)
set noitems=17
set tophelp=19
set HBTM=2400
set HELPTEXT=Here is help text

# if you want 640x480 80x30 lines - use this in your MyE2B.cfg
graphicsmode -1 640 480
set noitems=18
set tophelp=20
set HBTM=2900
set HELPTEXT=Here is help text

tophelp is normally set to topstart+noitems