Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/02/2018

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: show e2b drive as one partition

I am afraid I do not know what your .mnu file contains, so it is difficult to comment.
Can you post the contents of the .mnu file?
What exactly is the file you are trying to boot from (.iso? .wim? .img?) - did you use the file extension recommended (.iso01) if an ISO file? Did you try other file extensions (use .isoask if an ISO).
Can you describe in detail, exactly what steps you followed to 'fix' the problem?
Are both partnew commands actually required or only one of them?
E2B runs partnew (hd0,3) when it boots, but if you just use .iso as a file extension, it will create a new hd0,3 partition when it boots the ISO.