Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/12/2017

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Small problem adding Windows 10 to main menu

runwin8.g4b is correct. It is used for Win8, Win10, SVR2012 and SVR2016. Please ensure you have set MFOLDER to point to the folder that contains your ISO file and your .XML and .KEY files.

# Win10 Example
# use this for Win8/8.1/SVR2012/WIN10 ISOs - all use RunWin8.g4b
iftitle [if exist /_ISO/WINDOWS/Win10/Win10_64.iso] Install Win10 64-bit \nInstall from the ISO
set ISO=Win10_64.iso
# to choose XML or Product Key do not set XML variable to anything
set XML=
# OR - Specify XML file name (must be in MFOLDER folder) e.g. Win10\ has\ spaces\ in\ name.xml - DO NOT USE FULL PATH!
# set XML=NO\ KEY\ (choose\ a\ version\ to\ install).xml
# Do not change next line...
/%grub%/RunWin8.g4b %MFOLDER% %XML%