Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 02/08/2017

By SteveSi

Subject Re: UEFI .imgPTN direct booting from menu

If it was possible to UEFI-boot to the E2B menu, I would have done it!
E2B uses grub4dos which cannot be UEFI-booted.
You may like to try the complex E2B Grub2 Menu system. This needs to be 'switched' too, but once switched you can MBR and UEFI-boot to many different linux payloads/ISOs. However, it does not support Windows ISOs/payloads.
If your main usage is for Windows and MBR\UEFI, you should try WinSetupFromUSB.
If you like it, you can make a .imgPTN file from a WInSetupFromUSB flash drive and add the image to your E2B USB drive. There is a page of instructions on this site.
Note that some 'buggy' BIOSes will not MBR-boot if there are valid UEFI-boot files on the drive. Also note that most UEFI-solutions use FAT32 which means you cannot have files >4gb.
Due to these limitations, E2B uses the partition-swap\Switch process. That way everything is kept separate but you can boot to 100's of different MBR and UEFI payloads on all types of systems.