Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 05/06/2017

By JimmyK

Subject Boot options toggle

Great program - its so configurable its brilliant
I am trying to get my home PC to automatically boot between two options and it should choose the opposite choice from what was automatically chosen last time - ie a toggle. This should be totally automated and not require me to be at the boot screen (ie If I am in Windows I choose restart and it will via easy2boot - boot automatically into another environment).
So far I have got as far as getting it to the CSM menu which I am using with my image and menua defaulting it to choice 3 but as mentioned I want it so that because choice 3 was automatically chosen 3 last time, then next time I want F7 (HDD boot) to take place.
I thought I might be able to it by creating txt file and getting it to check for the existence of that txt file ie
(if exist lastchoice.txt then boot USB option 3,
del lastchoice.txt)
(if not exist lastchoice.txt then boot F7, create lastchoice.txt)
and so on - effectively making it boot into the CSM menu and choosing the opposite choice of what was automatically chosen last time.
Many thanks!