Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 18/05/2017

By ElMariachi

Subject Bad or Invalid E:\Unattend.xml

I am trying to make a working USB flash helper drive for installing Windows 10 for some hours now, but it won't work.
The drive is recognized properly, and Windows is trying to maker us of it, but then there's always the Bad or Invalid E:\Unattend.xml error.
In your error messages collection I found this hint:
"check that the blank \AutoUnattend.xml and \Unattend.xml are at least as large as your original .xml file - if not you will need to make them larger! Check that no other drive contains these xml files in the root."
I tried increasing the size of the blank xml files to 2MegaByte, but it wouldn't help. And what do you mean by "original xml files"? I have no original xml files, I just want to plain install Windows 10.
Thank you in advance!