Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/05/2017

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Auto GFX=NONE and or Enable GFX mode depending on hardware/Resolution/Components

You misunderstand.
Slow speed is due to slow USB access. This is caused by the BIOS having poor USB drivers (e.g. USB 1.0 or slow USB 2.0 drivers) and\or a slow USB drive.
The unifont font file (576Kb) is only used in graphics mode, it cannot be used in text mode. The wallpaper file (103k) cannot be used in text mode.
If we use text mode, then we don't have to load these files from a slow USB device, thus speeding up the boot process.
All systems with a USB port will be capable of 800x600x32 mode and any CPU will be fast enough.
We could run a speed test on the USB drive as it boots - but as this would take many seconds, there is no point!