Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 31/01/2017

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Booting Windows ISOs

Any error messages at all from E2B? What is size of USB drive? What is type of E2B drive?
Delete the ISO. Then copy the ISO again to the \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN10 folder.
Now use a Windows utility to get the CRC\MD5\SHA1 hash value of the file on the E2B drive and compare it with the same file that you downloaded onto the system hard disk (or with official published value). This will check the file for corruption. If not same you have bad USB drive.
Otherwise, it may be a hardware issue with Win10. If it was an E2B issue, I would expect some other sort of error. For Win10 you need to choose correct Product Key for the version you are installing - but you should get an error message from Windows Setup if it was wrong.