Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 07/11/2016

By Farid

Subject E2B Multi-Boot

Dear Stevesi,
first of all thank you for the software package development and that for free!
I've been trying to make a Multiboot USB Stick/HDD usable for both UEFI and Legacy Mode Bioses and I've already read several tutorials on E2B website and have also seen several videos from other resources. But still haven't been able to make such a drive, which would work on both kind of Bios types (MBR/UEFI). The best results have been either working on some MBRs OR on some UEFIs, not both at the same time.
Therefor my first question is that, if you could recommend one main method/tutorial to focus on; because as I mentioned there are several Versions suggesting different methods, like using RMPrepUSB (and that with variety of options like choosing between ntfs or fat32, Boot as HDD as checked or not etc.) or using the scripts like MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE .cmd
My other question is that, if you by any chance know some tool to convert usb "fixed" drives into "removable" disks? Most of my USB drives are detected as "fixed" drives. I assume that, first of all they have to be "removable" drives for being able to make them bootable using E2B.