Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/05/2016

By Kent

Subject Re: Re: RestoreE2B alert ?

Actually I saw that warning and wrote it down, not really knowing what it was about. I figured it was some expert optional choice as, when you're really excited to see something boot up and run, you're not really in the frame of mind to stop and contemplate something that comes up unexpectedly.
The whole notion that your flash drive is going to have partitions remade and shifted around takes a while for your head to wrap around (but now I get it).
And you don't really absorb it until you run into it. (Very ingenious though.)

So I was thinking, maybe on the "Adding Payload" or "Adding-uefi-images" page(s) something like, "NOTE : once you boot into an .imgPTN . . . . ".
That is, some page where you're in learning mode, so to speak.'
Just an idea.