Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 16/04/2016

By torrvic

Subject error 13 for ancient Linux

Hello to everybody!

My problem is:

Error 13:(
Invalid or unsupported executable format

I have very ancient RedHat of 2002 year (Linux 2.4.10). It works good.
Now I need to make bootable USB-device with this system.

I have made all the instructions from here:

but I have this error message about error 13.

FAQ sais:
This usually means your payload file (.ISO, .IMA, etc) was not bootable or it is corrupt.
Some Windows ISOs are upgrade CDs or DVDs and are not bootable - they are designed to run
from within Windows.

I have tried simple DD-image from my partition /boot
and ISO-image made by "mkisofs" - error 13 both.

Please, help!