Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 11/12/2015

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Boot from HDD 2

Just add a new .mnu text file - e.g. \_ISO\MAINMENU\Boot2.mnu
It should contain a title line and then the comand lines - e.g.

title Boot from Disk 2 \n This will boot from disk 2 in the system
rootnoverify (hd2,0)
chainloader (hd2)+1 || chainloader (hd2,0)+1

It is unusual not to remap the USB drive though, so depending on what is on disk 2, this may not work.

If you want the menu to appear only when there is a 2nd disk present use
iftitle [cat --hex --length=1 (hd2)0+1 >nul] Boot from hd2\n Boot from 2nd disk in system