Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 29/10/2015

By Pupoul

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Unable to create imgPTN of Openelec : error IMDisk

I cannot free U: with imdisk control panel because imdisk cannot create U:.

My AV is Comodo : i disabled all comodo parts, and even exclude imdisk files, exe, cpl and sys, in system32 and syswow64. No change.

When i try to create imgPTN file and imdisk failed to create U:, i cannot delete imgPTN file created, because it always mounted in imdisk : if i remove it, imdisk warns me "can not lock file...." i can click ok and remove it.

I opened cmd as Admin and type :
"imdisk -a -s 280m -m U: -f "c:\temp\essai.imgptn" -x 63 -y 255 -p "/FS:FAT32 /Q /Y"
same error : "Descripteur invalide"

When I said i can create file in control panel, yes I can, but if i put files in it, they are not saved when I re-mount the file, and i cannot use "Save image File..." because "acess denied"...