Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 29/10/2015

By Pupoul

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Unable to create imgPTN of Openelec : error IMDisk


Reboot done, same problem.
u: unused, "subst u: c:\temp" creates u: drive.
"subst u: /delete" frees hit.

I copy files in folder then drag-drop and error message changed only one time :
"Accès refusé" (access denied)
after that, all trys show precedent error message : "Descripteur invalide"

I'm able to create c:\temp\essai.imgPTN with imdisk GUI in control panel : 28MB, drive U:. Windows says after that i have to format drive u: before use it...what i did with success.

I will try to disable antivirus when i come back. thanks for your time.