Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/10/2015

By Pupoul

Subject Unable to create imgPTN of Openelec : error IMDisk

Hi, thank you for all the stuff you made here :)

I was trying to create an imgPTN of Openelec :
1. Use of RMPrepUSB to create USB Stick Openelec from Openelec.img. Ok, drive L:
2. Drag icon of L: on MPI_FAT32 shortcut. Ok.
After typing size and pathname of imgPTN, some errors appears :
SOURCE = "L:\"
NEW IMAGE = "c:\temp\essai.imgptn"
IMAGE SIZE = 185MB (Source=166MB)

CREATING AND MOUNTING RAMDRIVE U: as "c:\temp\essai.imgptn"

Running: imdisk -a -s 185m -m U: -f "c:\temp\essai.imgptn" -x 63 -y 255 -p "/FS:FAT32 /Q /Y"
Error defining drive letter: Descripteur non valide
Creating device...
Created device 0: U: -> c:\temp\essai.imgptn
ImDisk operation failed to mount "c:\temp\essai.imgptn"

After this message, i press enter and then 2 more messages but too fast to copy "Il manque une opérande" then the window close and ImDisk opens, with the file in the list. No drive created, no files copied i guess, fileSystem indicates N/A.

I have no clue of what happens :/
Im' using imdisk 2.0.6, and MPI_Tool_Pack_Plus_CloverLite_055 on Windows 10 Biuld 10565.

If you have some ideas :D