Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 26/08/2015

By Starla

Subject Re: Automating Windows Install from .imgPTN

After trying all possible methods offered by amazing E2B for Windows OSes installation my recommendations are:

1. Get a light PE image with ImDisk installed or allowing you to install it. Even a spartan boot.wim from one of those AIOs from m78 will work, though youll need to install ImDisk .inf manually. I use a .cmd for that. Boot to that .wim using E2B and install ImDisk.
2. Setup your target drive using diskpart (manually or by script of choice).
3. Use WinNTSetup to deploy your OS. You can mount your untouched AIO ISOs (though I convert them to imgPTN because I previously tweak them, and you can mount a imgPTN with ImDisk like you do with an ISO).
Optional: select the autounattend.xml file to use ( no need to modify the ISO)
Optional: Choose a folder containing your drivers (INFs, can be arranged in subfolders).
4. Deploy. Shutdown. Remove your USB. Boot to your target drive and let the install finish.