Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/08/2015

By Ryan Gray

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Automating Windows Install from .imgPTN

Sorry mate. I got the Windows AIO from Here is another link It has 5 different versions in there. As you can see nothing has been modified or changed from that link. What I have done is converted that ISO x64 into a imgPTN. Then I have followed those steps in that link provided before method three. I am assuming method three is referring to AIO as it talks about selecting different windows installation images. There is also another thread on rmprep that suggests the same thing how to suppress the OS Image So I thought both those links are referring to AIO. But basically after i converted the image into imgptn I mounted the image picking image 2 from the boot.wim and copied those two files in \windows\system32 committed the changes and copied that other .cmd to the root of the imgptn. It boots up fine from CSM loads the files get the little windows 7 install thing and then it is as if its running the cmd but then the computer just restarts. Sorry for providing less information before. I hope that helps more. my E2B drive is removable as well.