Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/08/2015

By Ryan Gray

Subject Automating Windows Install from .imgPTN


I have Windows 7 AIO, 8 and 10 and am trying to get them automated. Just trying to work on the Windows 7 first as I imagine once I get that it will be simple for the others. I have the latest version 1.71. My Windows 7 AIO is about 5GB. I converted it to a imgPTN (NTFS) and deleted that file it prompts you when following the bouncing ball. I forget exactly what it is called. I am doing method three "" and have done everything however it boots up, runs that mysetup.cmd (looks like it does anyway) then the computer just reboots. Is there anything I have missed or need do something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.