Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 27/07/2015

By Azrat

Subject Re: Re: create .imgPTN -> menu.lst does not contain any code

I use only the MakePartImage.bat with administrative permission rights.
1. Source ISO or Folder
e:\ (my usb-drive)
2. Use Fat32 for new image?
3. Size for Image file
*just enter*
4. OUtput Filename for new Image
5. Volume Name for partition image
6. Enter a name for the title of the CSM menu:
Then i could have a look into drive T and continue with enter
(don't need to have a look into it)
Then comes the mentioned error message.
I also tried your mentioned file extensions, but the error-message still exists and is the same.
Before I tried the simpliest way by RMPrepUSB to get an Image of the USB-Key, or otherwise with the tool called "USB Image Tool", also tried several as well. But the result with these is finally it won't boot entirely any more. So I am looking for new and other solutions. So my hope is now on tips and hints from here :)