Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 27/07/2015

By Azrat

Subject create .imgPTN -> menu.lst does not contain any code

I try to get an .imgPTN - image of an USB-Stick.
This stick is made by a tool of the manufacture I repair computers for. Lets call this USB-Key just 'A'.
As I understand now, the usb-key('A') is based on FreeDos and I want to migrate it into my Tools-HDD / Stick based on E2B ( I tried yumi before, worked well, but then changed to use ISO's instead and E2B works like charm, love it! ).
Before, i just used another tool to get an img-Image of 'A' but since never version of the manufacture-tools it doesn't work any more this way. Don't know why.
My Idea so was to get an imgPTN - file of 'A', but whenever I use the tool "MakePartImage" (no matter if iso or anything else), I get later in process the Message:
"ERROR: T:\menu.lst does not contain any code to restore the E2B partitions"
As I saw in tutorials it looked easy, but I don't get any Idea what and when I shall give more information to the command.
Maybe someone can help me how to get to next step to get the Tool-Stick finally again inside my beloved E2B!
Thanks and Greetings!