Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 21/07/2015

By Jesrani

Subject Re: Re: UBCD4Win+F4UBCD+Win7 Install+XP Install

The USB was prepared by Easy2Boot as per instructions. Then I copied the Win7 ISO in the correct folder. It went upto a point where I had to choose some xml file and then just sort of frooze. For XP, you had written that if the ISO has OEM folder (mine did) then we had to make USB and then take imgPTN of that. I already had USB which I was using for installs so I made the imgPTN and put in MAINMENU folder. This worked and I started Part 1 but it was too slow. Then I tried with a 2Gb USB which I was using for installs and it was very quick. Maybe will try again later.