Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 21/07/2015

By Jesrani

Subject UBCD4Win+F4UBCD+Win7 Install+XP Install

I tried to make a Easy2Boot on a 16Gb USB of all the above since I ue both UBCD4Win and F4UBCD regularly to sort out issues and also make disk images. I followed the instructions and added the ISO's. For Win7, the ISO was recognized easily by Easy2Boot. For XP I had an iso with OEM folder which was already on a USB for installing. So I made an imgPTN of that drive with the tools. But I had to put this in the MAINMENU to get recognized, not the XP folder. Also both XP and Win7 installs seemed very very slow and I aborted after few minutes. The normal individual USB's are not so slow, I install from USB only. Am I making some mistake or is Easy2Boot slow for installation of OS?