Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/07/2015

By Peter

Subject E2B bootloader overwritten

First, sorry I tried reboot but the site always seems to give me an error. Second, it's not urgent, I have several E2B drives. But... I have an external HD that I carry around with my old laptop. It has multiple partitions with E2B being the primary boot partition. On a later partition there is data and a Linux install which is booted from the Grub menu on the laptop. The same Grub menu also chainloads the USB drive to boot E2B. I recently decided to try installing AndroidX86 in another partition and it went fine, but it installed its own bootloader on the USB HD instead of using the one on the laptop. Now all I can boot is AndroidX86. The direct boot to the Linux distro also still works, but I am unable to boot into E2B. All the files are still there, nothing has been erased. How can I tell it to boot from the first E2B partition instead of booting the last partition? I have also written an entry into Grub to boot directly into AndroidX86 as well, so it's no loss there. I just want it to boot into E2B when I chainload to the USB instead of redirecting the pointer to the last Android partition. Thanks, and Great work, hope you have a great day!