Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 21/06/2015

By mysongranhills

Subject F4UBCD-4.61.imgPTN - MiniXP Boots but no programs

I read the following links:
And since I wanted to have a copy of Hiren's and F4UBCD I converted both to imgPTNs. This worked perfectly for Hiren's (boots into miniXP and all programs show up/work) ,but Falcon 4 UBCD gives errors about missing ISO and when it eventually finishes loading MiniXP none of the usual programs are accessible.
However if I then plug the USB back into my windows desktop that i used to create the E2B USB I can see the HBCD and F4UBCD folders.
So the folders are there ,but in F4UBCDs MiniXP the programs dont load and I cant find the folders by browsing manually.
If any one can help I'll send 2$ bitcoin. Thx