Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 18/06/2015

By Fredrik

Subject MPI - cannot read sector 0

Okay, I'm trying to make imgPTN files, I have installed all the files per instruction, and have followed the instructions :

1. Download and extract the MPI Tool Kit to your system hard disk
2. Install ImDisk from the ImDisk folder (WinRar is also recommended to be installed too - read the ReadMe file for details)
3. Double-click CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd to create the Desktop icons
4. Drag-and-Drop an ISO (or USB drive icon or folder) onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop icon to make a .imgPTN file. If prompted, just hit [ENTER] to accept the default size.

So ... what happens is that it runs as expected, extracts all the files, but in the end I get this :
Installing syslinux to u:\syslinux using .\syslinux\syslinux_4
cannot read sector 0
and I get this error with all isos I have tried, ubuntu iso, clonezilla live ... I don't know what's wrong,and I hope someone has an idea of what to do ...
cheers from sweden !!