Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 09/06/2015

By KalCorp

Subject Booting to local Drive ( has encryption)

I have Gub4Dos setup now and it works great.
Just tested your E2B and it is nice and was thinking about using it.
However its setting up the Boot USB as hd0,0 and my local drive as hd0,1 is this normal?
Also when i try to boot to the local drive with the gub4doc code i have working already in another project its does not boot and loads the USB Again.
my current code is simple and works ok.
title NGOS Boot hd0,0
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

The bios comes back with the drive as 0,1 So i tested with hd0,1 also and get the same issue.
what do you think?