Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 05/06/2015

By SteveSi

Subject Re: About NTBOOT

.wim files should boot from any partition.
NTBOOT creates it's own BCD, modifies it to point the the VHD or WIM file and then boots to bootmgr.
NTBOOT seems to support NODETECTHAL as an option, but I am not sure about No integrity checks and TestSigned drivers, I can see no sign of support for this, though it should be possible to add it. Edit - actually DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS and nointegritychecks seems to be already included in the BCD settings for NTBOOT.
You would need to experiment with wims which require other folders.
I am not sure myself about VBOOT.
NTBOOT vboot=/vboot/winxp/winxp-s1.vhd opt="immutable"
should work from command line or in a .mnu file but I haven't tried it.
VMLite docs say you can specify two VHDs, one for the OS VHD and the other for an immutable.VHD??? Maybe writes go to ramdisk and are lost on reboot?