Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 04/06/2015

By Starla

Subject About NTBOOT

Hi Steve.

I'm a bit confused about NTBOOT. As I understand by reading your article, one direct advantage of using it is that I could remove my current setup for loading NT6 WIM files which relies on:
- mnu file which chainloads to \boot\bootmgr in my 1st (E2B) partition
- bcd file properly setup with entries to all my wim files

and directly select any of those wims (only if they contain 1 single image) and it will boot. Will they only boot from 1st partition in removable drive?
What about cheats like No Integrity Checks and Testsigned drivers that I have setup for each wim in my current bcd?
Would booting Strelec wims (x64 and x86) stored on 2nd partition of removable drive require SSTR folder in 1st partition?
While not officially supported, could you expand on advantages of VBOOT, as chenall seems to suggest that it would allow for booting VHDs in "inmutable" mode (no persistence), but not sure how could this be possible without "anything" capturing session changes in a real system (outside a VM, I mean)?

Thanks in advance.