Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/05/2015

By Greg D

Subject Windows installer ISO crashing on boot

Hi guys - first off, great software and kudos on the hard work!
Having issues getting ANY Windows installer ISO's to work though. They all crash during the boot process, after text mode setup has copied the files over.
I think it's an issue with the XML files, but I have absolutely no idea what. I don't really need or want an unattend.xml or language file - more than happy with the defaults that are built into the ISO I have supplied. The ISO I'm using boots when used on it's own (i.e. reformatting the USB drive and manually creating a bootable Windows installer from the ISO).
The ISO I'm using is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I've tried the 32bit version as well as Windows 8 with the same issue.
I can boot Linux ISO's without any problems, and I can also boot utility ISO's such as WinPE without problems.
USB details:
Corsair Voyager 64GB
NTFS file system
Using USB 2.0 ports ONLY
I've tried using all of the language options that are provided out of the box - not actually sure why this is required though, since the ISO has all the built in things I need as it is.
Any help appreciated!