Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/04/2015

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: E2B 1.66 CENTREHD

sample mye2b.cfg describes AUTONUM and use of 0x20
# E.g. The user can type '23' to select item 23 in the menu and so it is useful to have the menu items numbered.
# Auto-numbering is enabled by default. AUTONUM=CCMM where CC is the marker character (byte) and MM is bit0=numbering and bit1=space after number,
# Use AUTONUM=0x0000 to set auto-numbering off, 0x2001 sets numbering on with a space after number (default), 0x2d01 autonumber with hyphen after number, 0x1a01 arrow, 0x3a01 colon, 0x0701 dot
# e.g. 0x2d00=►menutext, 0x2d01=►nn-menutext, 0x2d02=►___menutext, 0x2d03=same as 0x2d01 (where nn=two-characters for menu numbering 0-9/10-99)