Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 28/04/2015

By Starla

Subject E2B 1.66 CENTREHD

Hi Steve.
I think HPAD is being calculated as rstart-1 space characters and applied to pad headings position when HPAD is set to empty (HPAD=) in MyE2B.cfg.
I'm using GMODE=800. According to E2Bed it can hold 100 char per line. So I'm using CENTREHD=100 in order to get screen-centered (not on-the-box centered) headings. I use HEADPOS=0100, but my headings keep being displayed padded to right by 3 spaces (my rstart=4 minus 1) from correct screen center.
I've been trying to find what's setting HPAD to 3 spaces and it seems to be
if not exist HPAD call /%grub%/SetHPAD.g4b %rstart%
However HPAD is supposed to exist, although I set it as empty in MyE2B.cfg.