Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 12/04/2015

By SteveSi

Subject Re: HP Quickweb

There should be a partition on your hard disk with a volume name of HP_TOOLS with a \hewlett-packard folder in the root. If you can unhide this so you can see the files, copy the \hewlett-packard folder to a new folder on your C: drive and then hide the HP_TOOLS partition again.
Now create a \menu.lst file inside the new folder and add a menu for the linux files (I used qw.cfg to get the correct parameters)

kernel /hewlett-packard/quickweb/kern BTTYPE=PART WINRTCOFFSET=00 PTL_BIASED_TZ=0000 log_buf_len=2M floppy=nofifo root=/dev/ram nomce init=/linuxrc max_loop=64 elevator=cfq usbcore.autosuspend=1 vga=0x0f04 panic=10
initrd /hewlett-packard/quickweb/init.gz

Now you have the contents in a folder, you can drag-and-drop the folder onto the MPI_FAT32 shortcut to make a .imgPTN file. When asked about Menu.lst - choose MERGE/COMBINE
I cannot test as I think the installer adds more stuff and a video driver.