Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/02/2015

By Dreeg

Subject Persistence and .mnu files

Hi all and thanks for this project!
I have a problem with persistence.

I have ubuntu.iso and ubuntu.mnu file in /_ISO/LINUX/MNU folder and EXT2 with "casper-rw" name of volume in root of USB drive. ubuntu.mnu was an ubuntu sample file with all paths edited for my organization.
The MNU file is not read, even the title and "help text" are detected.

So I made a new attempt:
I created the MNU file with /_ISO/docs/E2B Utilities/E2B MNU Maker.cmd and now MNU file is read with title and "help text" right.. but in this file there isn't persistence.
I tried with "kernel ..." line before "boot" line but generate an Error "file not found".

How do I enable the persistence?
Thanks in advance,