Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 02/02/2015

By Donny Bahama

Subject Password protected

I want to heavily customize the menu system so that the main menu is a preliminary menu that requires a password before it will go to the actual main menu - otherwise it boots to the default hard drive. The point of this is (when I accidentally leave my flash drive behind) to scare low-tech users and prevent them from using it (as well as to get them to call me and return my flash drive.) On other USB toolkits, I've used a "DANGER" background bitmap with embedded text that says, "Please Return This To..." I configured the menu to be very small/narrow with all the menu text/borders/highlights/shadows/selection/etc. set to the same color as the background image. Assuming the password is "1234", you'd have to press 1 to get to the next menu, then at the next menu, you'd have to press 2 to get to the 3rd menu (otherwise you go back to the first menu), etc. I know this is low tech and not super secure, but it accomplishes the goal - and usually gets my toolkit returned to me. So my question is, can I replace the main menu with my "password menu" and automatically populate a submenu the way the current main menu is done?