Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/01/2015

By Starla

Subject Re: Re: Boot imgPTN on 2nd partition via mnu on 1st (E2B partition)

I missed that article. Exactly what I needed, thank you Steve.

Of course, no problem with using the 32-bit WinContig (been using it for months from RMPrepUSB before all my tests). I just checked your defrag CMD and realised that a 64-bit version existed. By just adding it to WINCONTIG it didn't work, I had to remove the 32-bit version for the 64-bit to be used. But I wanted to use both version according to OS architecture. I offered the modified cmd here should you or any other user liked it.

Regarding isoboot.g4b, I can always rename SysRes iso to get its boot menu again (I think you noted this in your WIP article about booting non-contiguous ISOs IIRC).

Keep the excelent work Steve.