Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 08/01/2015

By Starla

Subject Boot imgPTN on 2nd partition via mnu on 1st (E2B partition)

Hi Steve!

Your recent sample mnu file "Parted_Magic_isoboot_Persistent.mnu" suggests an interesting approach to boot ISO files from a second partition:

iftitle [if exist (hd0,1)$HOME$/BIG.iso] BIG ISO file\n This is stored on my 2nd partition.
set ISOC=(hd0,1)$HOME$/BIG.iso

which means that I could stop using "PTN2_Menu.mnu" to list and boot the ISO files on my 2nd NTFS partition by just adding a mnu file like the previous one to corresponding folder on my 1st FAT32 (E2B files) partition. I would have to mirror E2B folder structure on 2nd partition because of the %HOME% usage, but that's even better.

However I also have imgPTN files in my 2nd partition. I guess QRUN.g4b should be called instead, but I'm not sure about the proper way to pass the imgPTN to it.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Your MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_ CONTIGUOUS.cmd seems to always use WinContig 32-bit no matter if there is WinContig64.exe in WINCONTIG folder. I'm using this slightly modified batch using the MS recommended approach to check for OS-bitness:

@echo off
if "%~d0"=="C:" echo ERROR: Drive C: specified! & pause & goto :EOF

set WC=
set _Bitness=64
if /i "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%" == "x86" (
if not defined PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432 set _Bitness=32

if exist .\WINCONTIG_new\WinContig64.exe set WC=.\WINCONTIG_new\WinContig64.exe
if exist .\WINCONTIG_new\WinContig.exe (
if %_Bitness% equ 32 set WC=.\WINCONTIG_new\WinContig.exe
if "%WC%"=="" echo ERROR: Cannot find WinContig %_Bitness%-bit tool on this E2B drive! & pause & goto :EOF

echo Making all files on %~d0 contiguous - please wait...

I've harcoded it so cmd must be exec from \_ISO\docs\ (a root cmd looks sorta "hostile" to me). \WINCONTIG_new there contains latest release (, with both 32 and 64-bit executables.

I've been quickly inspecting isoboot.g4b and could be a similar problem. Ie: latest SystemRescueCd 4.4.1 ISO includes both 32 and 64-bit kernels. According to current (1.62b7) isoboot.g4b, which kernel would be launched? It seems that it would be always the 32-bit version.