Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 07/01/2015

By Victor

Subject pb with custom Seven ISO file

Hi ,
Great Job is Easy2boot, and you site with lots information for create a key with all sysadmin tool.
I have a little problem. I was create a key , with linux tool (gparted, ubuntu voyager ...) All tool work ;-) ,
and i was put 2 versions Of Windows Seven.
- The first Iso that contains all version of Windows Seven ( starter until ultimate) works perfectly. Iso present into _ISO\WINDOWS\WIN7.
- The second files, is a custom Windows named Windows 7 Titan, present in _ISO\WINDOWS\WIN7.
ISO Boot perfectly , But after imdisk was lanched after few second, I respond N to do a new install, after Seven ask me langage and after "Next", Installation doesn't find Operating system to install. I think i forgot one detail.... but witch ?
Thank you for your help,Victor.