Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/12/2014

By Starla

Subject Add entries to EFI BCD

Hi again Steve.

Your latest Tutorial 127 is a jewel. You describe my goal UFD setup, but my plan was adding grldr.mbr to MBR BCD to boot to E2B from BCD. I like your approach more (MBR boot to E2B, and then to MBR BCD), as it allows to use a currently working E2B.

Regarding editing EFI BCD in your tutorial, is it possible to add entries to boot to EFI tools like i.e. Kon-Boot or memtest86, in addition to Win8.1SE x86/x64, like shown in your tutorial for the "Windows Memory Diagnostic"?.

I also would like to try (I'm no expert) to answer your questions about WinNTSetup in your post from 18DEC14 ".imgPTN files were originally devised so..."
WinNTSetup will use ImDisk (if available) to mount your NT6 ISO of choice (by right-clicking the Browse button) in order to access the install.wim. WinNTSetup supports .WIM, .SWM and unencrypted .ESD. This support comes from 2 options:
A) Downloaded on first run wimgapi.dll (x86 and x64 versions, along with bcdboot, bcdedit and bootsect). It downloads 6.2 versions, but I replaced them with 6.3 ones.
B) DLLs from wimlib x86/x64 release. wimlib will work even when run from XP PE.
You can add booticex86/x64 to correponding tools folder as an alternative to bootsect (and to easily check BCDs before first reboot after WinNTSetup finishes sysprep. from chosen NT6 ISO).
Encrypted ESDs can be handled as a previous step to using WinNTSetup, using esddecrypt command line tool by qad at MDL.
Finally, XP and WinNTSetup: 2 options to add required storage drivers:
A) Add driver checkbox: Just browse for driver and MSSTMake will add it to sysprep. This requires the user knowing which driver to add.
B) Use same DPMS as in current E2B (the advantage being that you can have it in the UFD as 7z archive). WinNTSetup developer instructions:

1. Download DPs_BASE_1006.exe and DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1209.7z from
2. Run DPs_BASE_1006.exe and select C:\DPsBase for extracting
3. Copy DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1209.7z to C:\DPsBase\DriverPacks
4. Run Winntsetup and select "Run DriverPacks BASE (x86 only)" checkbox
5. Push the setup button and wait for winntsetup to copy the files
6. You will be asked to select DPs_BASE.exe, browse to C:\DPsBase and select that file.
7. DriverPacks BASE will launch, select Settings --> DriverPacks in the treeview
8. Select the Driverpacks Massstorage checkbox and hit Slipstream button
9. The driver integration will take a few minutes, wait and hit okay in the success message that show up in the end.
I think DPs_BASE.exe can be customized via .INI, so user interaction can be avoided or at least minimized.
Note that any quality custom XP ISO out there will include storage drivers, so the above procedures are not needed.
Unattended files (sif, txt and xml) and image index to install can be also specified.
Oh, and Merry Christmas!