Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 20/12/2014

By William Stone III

Subject Re: Entry For Linux

Perfect. That worked like a charm. I wasn't sure what the correct syntax would be for getting to the second partition.
So my deal now is:
I fire up any computer and boot from E2B. Ubuntu 14.10 is listed as the first item. I can either choose from my installers/utilities, or boot to Ubuntu -- on ANY computer.
And since it's a 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive, Ubuntu's actually usable.
Then to add onto that, I've also got PortableApps installed on the E2B partition, making those tools available under the Windows side.
Additionally, E2B is mounted to /e2b on the Ubuntu side. When booting to the Ubuntu partition, various directories under my home drive are symlinked to the corresponding PortableApps \Documents directories.
This is the tool I've been waiting a good twenty years for. Excellent work.