Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 15/12/2014

By Ran

Subject Installing Windows 7 From a (Removable) USB3.0 Flash drive

I'm having a trouble installing Windows 7 on certain machines using USB3.0 flash drive (shown as REMOVABLE, on either USB2.0 or USB3.0 ports). I have done my research and already integrated the required INFs into the boot.wim files. After setup starts, I get the infamous "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" error. When browsing, the flash drive isn't listed. On the problematic machines I was only able to proceed by connecting another device, loading the INFs from it, through setup, and then manually running LOADISO from the newly recognized USB3.0 drive.
How can I make it work permanently? How come integrating the drivers into the WIN isn't enough? or better - What's the difference between adding the drivers to boot.wim and adding them manually while in setup??

BTW, strangely enough - I got it to work on several other machines (with USB3.0 ports, of course) - even without making a single change to the original ISO!